The need for a tool

There is a short image gallery for those willing to see some screenshots.

As we grow up learning math at school we face the joy of dealing with loads of numbers and their pretty properties but as soon as we start to study the real thing in a university we face our first problem.

Although we love to write complex formulas most of us have not that much fun dealing with computer programming, which has proved to be useful and sometimes even essential for some researchs. And that does not only happens with students as there are some teachers and researchers who have exactly the same fear of facing some code.

The classes could be funier and more dynamic, the students would be able to analyse intricate dynamical systems and researchers would not have to worry to learn the newest trend on computer programming in order to get what they need: whether it is for researching, teaching, simulating or studying, there is a need for an open source tool that should be capable of taking the computer code' out of their way.


  1. You need to install java5 compiler (SDK), so go and download
  2. Download pulga!


Windows only

Double click the .jar file

Any platform

Run on the command line:

java -jar pulga-1.1.4.jar

For debug mode add the -d option to the command line:

java -jar pulga-1.1.4.jar -d